be touch


The body equilibrium signature massage
More than an ordinary massage, this is an experience. A b.e. signature session creatively blends the most effective elements of several massage modalities while integrating energy and meditative breathing to achieve equilibrium.

A River of Oil

The ultimate in relaxation, enjoy a choreographed dance between hands and body with continuous flow from start to finish. You weave in and out of consciousness into a state of equilibrium.

A Firm Touch

Firm yet gentle, long fluid strokes sculpt and soothe the entire body. Aspects of deep tissue are used in areas that are susceptible to stress tensions.

Beneath The Surface

You’ve found a response to chronic pain and deeply held patterns of tension. Slow, heavy strokes are used to create direct pressure and friction on deep muscle layers. Working from origin to insertions, we begin to free the body of pain and return it to a state of equilibrium.

Blend of The East

Experience a blend of the east with a shiatsu and Thai session. It involves a sequence of acupressure points using finger and palm pressure along the body‘s energy meridians with assisted stretching to stimulate or sedate the flow of energy. enhance harmony within, release muscle tension, increase flexibility, find equilibrium.

East Meets west

Meet the perfect complement to continuous physically intense activities. Whether you’re a dancer, athlete, or workout regular, an east meets west session may become integral part of any regime. Enjoy the fusion of deep tissue and sports massage along with shiatsu and Thai stretching technique for a natural sense of equilibrium.

Treatments / Massages are performed by Olufemi Licensed Male Massage Therapist based in New York City